Coming Up: Posts from Free Church Track Students

Soon we will begin posting brief articles by students on our Free Church Missional Leadership Track. The idea is to allow the conversations going on in the Missional Leadership Seminar to spill out into wider circles. It also forces us to write material that is accessible and approachable by a wider readership, allowing academic “assessments” to leap the gap from the academic context into the digital public square.

We all have different ideas and viewpoints. Know that the posts of these students are their own—they are not trying to represent Cranmer Hall or Durham University (or me as the Free Church Tutor, for that matter!). They are thinking out loud and reflectively asking some of the serious questions facing Christians in a post-Christendom North East context. Keep checking the sight to join in the fray…

-Andy (Free Church Tutor and Lecturer in NT)


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